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What is Glass-Link?

Glass-Link is a novel approach to IIoT connectivity, that offers a highly scalable mesh network with unprecedented fast response time. It integrates devices, sensors, and actuators with the cloud application, allows cable-free deployment over long indoor and outdoor distances, and provides redundancy whenever needed. It operates in a license-free ISM band and by design is resilient to other electro-magnetic fields, yet it penetrates through walls and other obstacles easier than WiFi or Bluetooth. Glass-Link can operate in a coordinated manner connecting hundreds of nodes with very low packet collision rates. Glass-Link features make it a perfect choice to monitor industrial facilities like power transmission lines, pipelines, solar farms, offshore wind farms, vessels, mines, etc. Furthermore, the hassle-free deployment makes it also a network of choice for transient usage of monitoring these and other facilities during construction phases or emergency situations.

Glass-Link gateway iconGlsss-link node iconAn illustration describing Glass-Link in action with its Gateways and Nodes, at the Maritime port, connecting multiple objects and their sensors

Single Glass-Link Gateway providing real-time IIoT connectivity to an industrial establishment
covering an area of several square kilometers

How does it work?

Scheme explaining how does the glass-link technology work

Meet the novel approach to sensors connectivity

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Connect your devices to the cloud in a matter of seconds

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Enjoy using a clean, user-friendly web-application from anywhere

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Build your smart network with Glass-Link Logic

Coordinated networking allows connectivity of thousands of sensors or actuators

  • Glass-Link can operate in several modes: free, coordinated or PTP

  • coordinated mode ensures that all nodes operate in sync with the gateway and other nodes, therefore packet collisions are unlikely, which guarantees assumed reliability and speed

  • an advanced internal networking and routing is delivered by Glass-Link Mesh*

Power-saving features enable your network lasting years on battery

  • depending on application as well as data rate and transmit power, a single node can operate on a standard 3V battery for several years

energy saving

Ultra-low latency brings super-fast network response

fast icon
  • typical latency ofthe RF link is 10ms in most cases, which allows connectivity of 100 nodes during one second with the gateway using a single frequency

  • for special applications, we have reduced the latency down to 1.4 ms*

Data rates up to 1Mb/s ensure your valuable data will be delivered on time

  • when operating in the 2.4GHz ISM band, the data rate is up to 1Mb/s for a single link

  • the data rate can be increased by adding more RF links to the node*- this is especially handy in PTP control links

time icon

Maximum range? - there isn't one

distance icon
  • a single-hop distance depends on many factors and can vary from few hundreds of meters to even 80km

  • this can be extended with Glass-Link Mesh* - the potential maximum distance is unlimited

Custom networking

  • do you want to build a soil moisture monitor for your garden or an automatic light dimmer in the morning, or perhaps you are building a more complex personal weather station?

  • with Glass-Link Logic you can create complex networks that fit perfectly your application

  • a custom network tailored to your industrial applications is available on-demand*


Gateways and Nodes

  • Glass-Link gateways are special devices, that coordinate and connect your network to the Internet or cloud application

  • gateways are built on powerful 32-bit or 64-bit platforms, they are powered either by ultra-robust and and secure Ubuntu Server LTS or market-leading RTOS - FreeRTOS

  • Glass-Link nodes are small devices, that can connect your devices or dedicated sensors/actuators to the network via a gateway

  • nodes are built on powerful, yet power-efficient ARM Cortex-M platforms, although we support many embedded platforms from 8-bit to 64-bit from different vendors*

Attachments support

  • Glass-Link network supports many sensors and actuators - temperature, light intensity, UV index, soil moisture, atmospheric pressure, air humidity, motion detector, etc. The network can control other devices with a simple switch feature

  • the sensors and actuators list is growing

  • with Glass-Link Pass-Through* you can connect your device via one of the supported digital interfaces and send your data securely across the network to your other endpoint. Currently, supported protocols are: UART(RS232), I2C, SPI as well as slow-motion analog signals



update icon
  • Glass-Link offers Over The Air (OTA) update* of its nodes and gateways as well as manual update via USB (selected node types only)

Integrated cloud platform

  • easily register and monitor your gateways and nodes in a user friendly web-application

  • with Glass-Link Logic intuitive user interface create rules how actuators shall trigger actions based on sensor reported data

  • create customized dashboards and share with others*


*Enterprise version only

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Discover the future of industrial processes with Glass-Link today!